Every business Small to Midsize needs technology support. As your business adds new technology to its infrastructure, it will naturally grow more difficult to maintain. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to go about this alone, by working with a third party, your business can take benefit of all kinds of great solutions for a portion of the cost. Depending on the way you go about technology maintenance, you can either end up investing in your business’s future or wasting vital capital. Traditional break-fix IT strategies take a responsive approach to IT maintenance. By this, we mean that you’re responding to issues as they come up rather than avoiding them completely. This is not the best way to approach IT maintenance, as you will be spending more time and resources dealing with the issues that could have been avoided in the first place. Instead of traditional break-fix, you should consider investing in a more preventative approach to technology maintenance.

If you want preventative solutions, your business is better off working with a managed IT service provider like Westcoast Computer Services. Managed IT takes advantage of solutions that are designed to spot issue before they become a problem. This affords your business plenty of time to resolve them, which eases downtime and the costs of replacing technology. Here are a couple of ways that managed IT can help your business save time and money:


Have you ever been the victim of an online security threat? If you have, it’s a situation that you’ll never want to suffer from again. The issue with security is that it’s costly to be hit by a hacking attack. You not only have to eliminate the threats from your infrastructure, but you also can’t work until it the problem has been solve. Furthermore, you might be subject to fine and other regulations regarding data privacy. Avoiding these issues with a firewall, antivirus, spam blocker, and content filter can make for a more tolerable security situation.

Data backup

Imagine that your entire company data has just been destroyed due to an unexpected event, like a data breach or a natural disaster. What do you do? If you haven’t taken any action to make sure your data is safely backed up, it’s likely that your business won’t be able to function as intended for a while. Proactive solutions like Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, or BDR, can guarantee that your business suffers minimal downtime and data loss in the unexpected event. Besides, you should have a business continuity strategy implemented to ensure you know how to react in the unexpected event.

Hardware issues

A computer breaking down can be a problem for your business. Hardware failure could mean a workstation or even a server unit breaking down, which could lead to data loss or a loss of operations. If you can use remote monitoring and management to provide maintenance as needed, you can keep the possibility of a hardware failure at a low. Also, you can detect signs of hardware failure early on if you’re monitoring your network, which helps you prevent unexpected hardware breakdowns.

Does your business need managed IT support? Westcoast Computer Services can help your business take better care of its technology. To learn more, reach out to us at (813) 935-3333 or at sales@westcoastcomp.com

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